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Kenyatta McConico

Owner/Head Designer

UR' Graphics Guy is a one stop shop for design, print and production of marketing materials founded by Kenyatta McConico. We design all promotional materials and brand specific paraphernalia for our clients. We are their design and merchandising department. As a full service business, we personify honesty, integrity, boldness and dependability. 

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A.Y.E Team
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      UR' Graphics Guy is a one stop shop for design, print and production of marketing materials. We support our clients in expressing their commitment and voice visually. We readily generate and create their print media and message through high quality merchandising. They find our services to be essential, timely and relevant.

     Our designs are crisp, clear, simple, strong, balanced, classic, powerful and mathematically sound. Our products and merchandise are readily available and easy to buy. People who take advantage of our offerings find themselves retaining existing customers as repeat customers, and gaining new clients not only by word of mouth, but line of sight. Brand recognition is our aim.

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UR' Graphics Guy

"For all you need designed  and printed"

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